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What is required to achieve this?
CP can be achieved in many different ways, but the most important of these are:

Changing attitudes and finding a new approach to the relationship between industry and the environment.

Applying expertise and know-how by improving efficiency, adopting better management techniques, changing housekeeping practices, and revising policies, procedures and institutions as necessary.

Improving technology or simply rethinking an industrial process or product in terms of CP.

How can UCPC assist you in this?
UCPCs’ main aim is to transfer know-how with regard to Cleaner Production, not just to transfer technology. We train and advise our clients on how to find the best solutions for your specific problems.

Our services include:

  • awareness raising information exchange
  • education and training
  • commitment & partnership building
  • policy advice & development
  • providing technical assistance

For further information about our services, look in the menu for ‘Services’