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What is Cleaner Production?

Cleaner Production (CP) is a preventive, integrated strategy that is applied to the entire production cycle to:


  • increase productivity by ensuring a more efficient use of raw materials, energy & water
  • promote better environmental performance through reduction at source of waste & emissions
  • reduce the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle by the design of environmentally friendly but cost-effective products.

What does CP mean in practice?
For production processes, CP includes:

  • More efficient use of raw materials, water and energy
  • Elimination of toxic or dangerous process input materials
  • Minimizing the volume and toxicity of all emissions and waste

For products, CP focuses on:

  • Reducing impacts through the products’ life cycle
  • Adapting design, raw material input, manufacturing, use, and disposal

For services, CP implies:
Preventive environmental strategy in the design and delivery of services.
The net effect is for your enterprise to become more competitive, thereby facilitating your access to (inter)nat. markets.


Sustainable Production

 Sustainable Consumption and Production:
UNIDO helps with the adaptation and adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methods, technologies and systems by enterprises and other organizations in developing and transition countries.

These contribute to:

    • Efficient use of natural resources, including materials, water and energy
    • Minimization of wastes and emissions, including those discharged to water, air or on land
    • Reduction of risks to humans and environment from use of chemicals and disposal of chemicals used in industry.

UNIDO cooperates with the members of the global network for RECP (RECPnet) and their governments and industry partners to deliver value adding services to enterprises, government agencies and other organizations. Their key services include: information dissemination and awareness creation; professional training; in plant assessments and demonstrations; policy advice; and support for the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies.